17 February 2020
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Urbanisation and Climate Security- Policy Brief

This PSI policy brief explores the relationship between violence in cities with emerging climate risks. It is written by a team of experts on urbanization from The University of Nottingham, Institute of Business Administration in  Karachi, Clingendael Institute and Kounkuey Design Initiative in Kenya.

Non-war related violence is a growing security concern in urban areas. Substantial homicide rates are not limited to Latin American and Caribbean cities as these figures are rising in other urban regions globally as well. The consequences of climate change overlap with this impact. To escape poor housing and infrastructure conditions, villagers migrate to megacities like Karachi and Lahore, which increases the burden on individuals amidst poverty and pressure on livelihoods. Integrated policies are required to address these vulnerabilities at individual, household and community level. Programmatic interventions and urban planning initiatives are necessary to address unmet urban development needs and climate security risks. Local representatives and governments should be included when these issues are addressed by military, diplomatic and intergovernmental network stakeholders.


Please download the policy here

Photo credit: Milo Miloezger/ Unsplash