Recently the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has released its second edition of the Ecological Threat Report (ETR).

A new UN course seeks to inform interested parties about the links between climate change and conflict
In June 2020, the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced persons in the Council of Europe tabled a 
On 23rd September 2021, the UN Security Council held a high-level open debate on climate and security under the Chairmanship of Ireland.
Permafrost, or perennially frozen soil, which occupies around a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere’s territory, may not be as permanent as its name suggests.
A new briefing by the International Crisis Group recognises the need to pass a resolution in the UN Security Council recognising Climate Security as one of the top 10 challenges facing the UN in 2021.

First-ever UN Food Systems Summit

September 22 - 2021
On 23 September 2021, the UN General Assembly in New York hosted the first-ever UN Food Systems Summit.