The following text features the introduction and executive summary of a report published this September by the Council on Strategic Risks' (CSR) Center for Climate & Security.
Earlier this month, a new website was launched by the Cascade institute, a Canadian research centre focused on emerging global crises. aims to serve as an information hub and resource library for the field of polycrises.
In a new report for The Clingendael Institute and The Planetary Security Initiative, Tobias von Lossow and Annabelle Houdret offer five action areas for thinking beyond traditional approaches and promoting opportunities for water cooperation in the Middle East.
In the Middle-East and North-African region (MENA), the multidimensional profile of prevalent crises requires a way of thinking about development that goes beyond the conventional approach.
The following text is a summary of a report commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Environment and Economy (NME) and the Nordic Working Group for Climate and Air (NKL) under the Nordic Council of Ministers.
The Center for Climate and Security (CCS) has recently begun a project in tracking Military Responses to Climate Hazards (MiRCH).