Insights from the Horn of Africa

Climate change has become widely recognised as a security concern and a key priority area in European and broader Western initiatives for global peace and security, with a significant focus on Africa. It is commonly perceived a

Climate and security risks are compounding in Yemen, impacting its population clearly and directly, but also through less visible, indirect effects.

Forging a green shield

February 07 - 2024
While green innovations could play a pivotal role in the EU’s defence sector, the two have so far hardly been connected. The EU institutions are working hard to come up with new communications on the upcoming 
India’s perspectives on climate security are usually characterized by its positions on the issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). However, the Indian narratives on climate security are shaped by multiple factors - both at the international and domestic level.
On 30 January 2024, NATO hosted its annual Climate Change and Security Roundtable in Brussels.
On 28 November, PSI spoke to Catherine Wong, who serves as global team leader for Climate and Security Risk and the United Nations Development Programme (
The following text is an excerpt from an event summary by the Center for Climate and Security. This report was written by Siena Cicarelli, Patricia Parera, and Ethan Wong, and  ed