Earlier this year, NATO announced it will set up a new

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is at risk of conflict as tensions between factions are rising in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The invasion of Ukraine by Russia brings together a range of security issues: energy, military, finance, food, climate, etc.
In September 2022, International Alert published its report titled “
General Jimmy Doolittle is typically remembered for his exploits as a test pilot and combat leader during War II. Yet his greatest contribution to the war effort may have come years earlier, when Doolittle was an executive with Shell Oil Company in the 1930s.
The Middle East is one of the regions of the world most exposed to climate change and desertification.
The rush to achieve net zero is driving massive global investments in renewable energy. Surges in energy prices as a result of the conflict in Ukraine make the green transition even more pressing and may further increase the benefits for investors.