16 January 2024

3rd International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding

This summer the 3rd iteration of the International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding will be hosted in the Hague. It will be hosted jointly by the Environmental Peacebuilding Association (EnPAx) and the Grotius Center for International Legal Studies at Leiden University. It will contain both a virtual and physical element with the virtual day scheduled for June 12. The physical begins on June 18 and will last until June 21. It includes training courses, business meetings, side events, and site visits.

Clingendael will organise a panel discussion on the dual potential of the energy transition in petrostates. This panel aims to unravel the intricate dynamics at play: the security risks related to phasing out fossil fuels for petrostates as well as the potential of renewable energy to increase stability through improving energy access. 

The themes for the upcoming conference are:

  • Climate Change, where the phenomenon is seen as a threat multiplier.
  • Water, through the provision of this basic need during post-conflict recovery and peacebuilding.
  • Peace, Justice, and Accountability, on the effect that environmental damage linked to conflict has and the responsibility that individuals and states remain accountable for environmental damages.
  • Natural Resources and Conservation, and how they both shape trajectories for peacebuilding and can drive conflict.
  • Data and Digital Technologies, with a focus on big data solutions such as early warning systems and resilience planning.


To register for the event you can use the link here.

The venue for the conference is: 
Wijnhaven Building, Leiden University and Online

Which can be found at:
Turfmarkt 99
The Hague
2511 DP Netherlands

Photo credit: Roel Wijnants/ Flickr