25 July 2019
  • conflict risk
  • policy

Climate & Security: Strategic Capability Game Takeaways

What are the implications of climate change on the policies of governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations? And how can they play a role in mitigating climate-related conflict risk?

Participants from diverse professional backgrounds explored these issues through the Climate & Security Strategic Capability Game, at the fourth annual Planetary Security Conference in 2019, in The Hague. The exercise aimed at increasing awareness of capabilities needed for conflict prevention in the context of climate change.

The game allowed participants to gain insight on a multitude of capabilities related to cross-disciplinary approaches to climate change and security. They observed that within the diplomatic functional area, for instance, it is important to engage in disaster diplomacy in order to coordinate emergency relief among international actors. In the informational functional area, they concluded that it is essential to provide information and education on climate change in local languages, as this would encourage the engagement of local experts.  

Read the full briefing note here.