WG 1: Arctic

Arctic: Perspectives on Climate Change and Food Insecurity in Nuvanut

Using a single case study of food insecurity in the Arctic, multi-disciplinary panelists will theorise root causes and effects of food insecurity and climate change, and assess potential solutions. Aiming our attention at one empirical example will facilitate a focus on theoretical explanations with the goal of sharpening analysis and pinpointing what kinds of actions must be taken now. 


  • Deepen analysis of human/food security through a critical, multi-disciplinary social sciences approach

  • Address the question of why there has been limited momentum to formulate policies to address the risks of climate change to human security

  • Enhance political awareness, deepen knowledge, and strengthen the knowledge-policy interface, offering recommendations specifically for policy makers to better secure peace and cooperation

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The Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 


Working Group Contact

Annette L. Bickford (York University)