13 February 2019

New Report: Climate Security – Making it #Doable

The Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) is pleased to launch a new report, Climate Security – Making it #Doable. It reviews progress made in the past year on addressing climate-related security risks despite geopolitical turmoil.

The report focuses on advancements in the United Nations as well as in regional intergovernmental organisations and builds on the two previous progress reports from PSI. The report also investigates various geopolitical challenges and examines how efforts to comprehend and tackle climate-related security risks can strengthen multilateral efforts. The High-Level Political Forum and the UN Climate Summit are identified as crucial diplomatic platforms for the cultivation of long- and short-term resilience to climate-related security risks.

The report is being launched prior to the fourth Planetary Security Conference being held on 19th and 20th February 2019 under the auspices of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference will feature a range of experts from academia, foreign ministries, media, the European Union and representatives of international organisations. 


Authors of the report:

Dan Smith (Director of SIPRI)

Malin Mobjörk (Programme Director of SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme)

Florian Krampe (Researcher at SIPRI Climate Change and Risk)

Karolina Eklöw (Research Assistant at SIPRI Climate Change and Risk)

Rickard Söder (Intern 2018 at SIPRI Climate Change and Risk)

Mikaela Wang (Intern 2018 at SIPRI Climate Change and Risk)


Picture credits: Unsplash / Pop & Zebra