Lessons for policy and development practice

Historically, the relationship between climate change and conflict has primarily been framed as a threat multiplier, whereby climate change exacerbates conflict risk through different pathways that link ecological shocks

Citizens in many countries in Europe are increasingly concerned by global geopolitical developments and that a feeling of insecurity is on the rise.
Narratives, challenges and opportunitiesThe worsening impacts of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable people place the management of climate and conflict risk squarely within the humanitarian domain.
The speed and complexity of climate challenges today pose multifarious risks to societal stability, especially those pertaining to peace and conflict.
Examining Nationally Defined Contributions, Targets, and Gaps in Wealthy Versus Middle-Income StatesA Region on the Frontlines of Climate Change
As climate change and policy responses grow more intense, prominent, and high-stakes, opportunities will grow for state and non-state actors to spread mis- and disinformation.
Livelihoods are central to the relationship between climate change and conflict.