The Geneva Graduate Institute has announced that the second International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding will take place in Geneva from the

In the Central Sahel, climate commitments are hampered by a lack of coordination and finance, while insecurity puts further pressure on the region. Can COP26 help address some of these blockages?

Can the Taliban address climate-related risks in Afghanistan?

October 26 - 2021
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Can the Taliban address climate-related risks in Afghanistan? In the wake of the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan is confronted with various risks to human security and hard security, especially in the context of climate change.
The Climate Security Expert Network (CSEN) has recently published a new
More than just altering the environment, climate change is threatening to permanently and dangerously reshape the global security landscape, according to a series of new assessments by U.S. military, intelligence and security officials.
Climate-related security risks pose grave challenges to peace and stability in South Asia. The intensified effects of climate change have serious human and regional security implications for India.

Climate Security Practice Spotlight - FREXUS project in the Sahel

October 18 - 2021
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Improving Security and Climate Resilience in Fragile Contexts through the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus or 'FREXUS' is a new project co-funded by the EU and Germany, aims to improve security and climate resilience in fragile areas of Mali, Chad and Niger.