The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is home to over sixteen million refugees and internally displaced persons due to decades of conflict and instability, and the United Nations estimates that over seventy million people in the region need humanitarian assistance.

Ahead of COP28, this joint paper from the Centre on Armed Groups and ODI examines the failure the address climate adaptation in conflict areas and areas beyond state control.

Coming up: The COP 28 in Dubai

November 23 - 2023
This Thursday, 30 November, the 28th United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP) will kick off in Dubai.
The following text is an abstract of a new essay written by Kyungmee Kim & Tània Ferré Garcia. It was published by International Studies Review on 15 November 2023.
The following text is a newsarticle published by UNDP on 11 November 2023. 
The following text is an event summary of a scenario exercise on climate security in the Balkan for a class of the Halifax Peace with Women Fellowship.
On 31 October, the United States Department of Defence launched a new web portal regarding climate resilience.