Climate Security Practice Spotlight - UN Peacekeeping in Mali

May 11 - 2021
  • Mali
  • Climate security practice
  • climate security
  • UN
The MINUSMA UN intervention in Mali has been forced to confront the climatic causes of much of the violent unrest in Mali. To maintain the peace, they have implemented a number of climate security practices alongside their "hard" peacekeeping operations.

Announcement of an EU-India Connectivity Partnership

May 11 - 2021
  • energy transition
  • European Union
  • India
  • Belt Road Initiative
On the 8th May 2021, the European Union and India held a closed-door virtual summit, amidst a devastating second wave of COVID-19 that is currently crippling India.

Adaptation Recommendations for Climate Induced Displacement in Somalia

May 06 - 2021
  • somalia
  • climate security
  • migration
A new report from the international organisation for migration sets out the dangers that climate change poses to human security in Somalia through its ability to displace people from their livelihoods. It sets out a number of recommendations to integrate these people in society and adapt to the ill effects of climate change.
Tessa Terpstra, a deputy director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talks to PSI about her experiences of climate security in the MENA region and where she sees its' future.

Iraq's Growing Desertification Problem

May 04 - 2021
  • Iraq
  • climate change adaptation
Dr. Rana Alfardan of Iraq's Southern Technical University writes on Iraq's growing problem with desertification and possible solutions to it.
The long running MILF insurgency in the Philippines was in part aggravated by climate caused food insecurity. Measures by Kauswagan municipality, in cooperation with international NGOs to address the root causes of the conflict resulted in a significant reduction in violence.

Biden's Earth Day summit highlights the importance of climate security

April 28 - 2021
  • climate security
  • Joe Biden
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Adaption
  • Climate Adaption
  • Climate resilience
The virtual gathering of over 40 world leaders and climate change stakeholders saw greater attention paid to the nexus of climate and security. Whilst limited multilateral solutions were espoused, the summit showed how the topic is slowly but surely becoming more mainstreamed in international relations.