The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is home to over sixteen million refugees and internally displaced persons due to decades of conflict and instability, and the United Nations estimates that over seventy million people in the region need humanitarian assistance.

In recent years, Germany has increasingly directed its foreign policy focus toward the effects and risks of climate change. The 2021 elections marked a change, as the political party Alliance 90/The Greens secured five ministerial positions in the Scholz Cabinet.
The following text is a press release by the COP28 presidency, published on 31 October 2023.
''When the Indus breathes, as rivers do, the lives and livelihoods on the floodplains are quietly absorbed by the water''. 
From unprecedented floods to record-breaking heatwaves, the impacts of the climate crisis are more evident than ever.
The following text is a shortened version of an article written by Cedric de Coning, Gracsious Maviza and Kheira Tarif.
The following text is the abstract of a research paper written by Ruben Dahm, Karen Meijer, Ernst Kuneman and Louise van Schaik.