14 February 2019

Planetary Security in the Caribbean region: Plan of Action on resilience

Planetary Security Initiatives are increasingly moving from analysis to action. The recently agreed upon Plan of Action (POA) on Resilience in the Caribbean, is an excellent example of how regional experts developed a list with 2-do’s to tackle the climate-security nexus in this region, including sharing knowledge, action in the field of water, food and energy, strengthening existing networks on resilience and aligning existing activities. The POA was developed on 13 December 2018, during a Caribbean regional consultation organised by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), held in Aruba. The Planetary Security Initiative, the Clingendael Institute, The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Aruba Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States supported the event.

Strengthening an integrated approach to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation is required to build resilience in Caribbean SIDS. The latter demands collective action towards the resilience pillars, such as those adopted by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). These look after social protection for the marginal and most vulnerable, safeguarding infrastructure, enhancing economic opportunity, environmental protection and operational readiness.

Agreement was reached to advance Coordination among Caribbean SIDS in the following areas:

  1. Strengthen Capacity and Knowledge of Caribbean SIDS on Climate and Security.
  2. Strengthen regional coordination in support of humanitarian crises.
  3. Advance Food Security within the Context of a Changing Climate.
  4. Advance Water Security within the Context of a Changing Climate.
  5. Advance the Renewable Energy transition of Caribbean SIDS within the Context of a Changing Climate.
  6. Advocate for stronger political support for the Regional Climate and Security Agenda.

The climate actions undertaken by the Caribbean SIDS are within the context of the Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030, the Samoa Pathway 2014, the UN Secretary General’s Summit on Climate Change, the Caribbean Strategy on Comprehensive Disaster Management 2014-2024 and in support of the Planetary Security Initiative launched by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2015. Within this context, Caribbean SIDS set out a Plan of Action for building resilience in Caribbean SIDS to the human security challenges faced as a result of Climate Change. Since 2007, the SIDS were also among the first who globally pushed for focus on climate security issues in the Security Council, as discussed in this policy brief.

For more information on the Regional Consultation on Climate Security, please visit this website.

See here the draft Plan of Action.