06 February 2024

Deconstructing Indian discourses and practices on climate change and security

India’s perspectives on climate security are usually characterized by its positions on the issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). However, the Indian narratives on climate security are shaped by multiple factors - both at the international and domestic level. While India has so far opposed the introduction of climate change in the UNSC agenda, there have been sporadic attempts to include climate change in the domestic security agenda. In this context, the chapter contextualizes India’s climate security narratives within the broader frameworks of securitization, riskification, and climatization, looking at the academic and policy discourses, involving different types of actors, including the scholarly communities, the government and its agencies, the military and even non-governmental organizations. These narratives are typically different from those of countries in the Global North, as they are conditioned by developmental imperatives, geopolitical compulsions (regional and global), and historical experiences, among others.


The text above is an abstract for a Journal article written for Political Science and Public Policy 2023 by Dhanasree Jayaram. The full article can be access through the link here.


Photo credit: lensmatter/Flickr