WG 5: Food Security

Food Security: Strengthening Resilience to Climate-fragility Risks

What are the crucial governance challenges at the interface between food security, global environmental change and instability risks? And how could stronger foreign policy engagement help address these? This working group will discuss the state of knowledge on future risks related to food security and the state of policy planning to strengthen resilience of the global food system. Based on the perspectives of key stakeholders, participants will discuss priorities for global governance in ensuring and improving current and future availability of and access to food, and how to strengthen the coherence of existing international instruments and institutional venues. 


  • Reflect on key challenges to food security that relate to the interface between global environmental change (climate change, soil degradation, biodiversity etc.) and conflict/state fragility

  • Facilitate exchange on ideas and experiences regarding efforts to strengthen resilience to these challenges, with a view to building a shared knowledge base 

  • Identify critical governance gaps in responding to the food insecurity-conflict nexus (e.g., relating to early warning, planning, decision-making, financing) 

  • Develop recommendations on how (instruments, institutional venues) critical governance gaps could be addressed

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Working Group Contacts

Benjamin Pohl (adelphi)

Ruerd Ruben (Wageningen University and Research)


Benjamin Pohl (adelphi)

Ruerd Ruben (Wageningen University and Research)