25 May 2023
  • horn of Africa
  • somalia

Adapting to survive: climate change and famine in Somalia

Adapting to survive remains the only option for millions of Somalis as their country is on the precipice of yet another famine, the third in three decades. This Alert examines how the adverse effects of climate change combined with weak governance and spiralling insecurity have left hundreds of thousands of Somalis food insecure, with women and girls paying the highest price. This paper argues that systemic reform of Somali governance structures and international aid schemes are necessary to prepare Somali for potential climactic shocks and support the livelihoods of the millions that live there. 

Specifically, the Alert first analyses the effects climate change has on the Horn of Africa, and how it exacerbates existing issues of aid abuse and civil unrest. The paper also adds a gender perspective to the ongoing crisis to highlight how women are disproportionately affected by violence and food insecurity. It concludes with several recommendations for how Somalia can tackle these systemic issues and break the unstable status quo.

Read the Alert using the link here

This Alert was authored by Emil Havstrup and Liliana Alloueche

Photo credit: United Nations Photo/ Flickr