25 June 2024

The impacts of climate change in the EU

In April 2024 the Climate Adapt website of the European Union published a publicly available tool to visualize the impacts of climate change in Europe. This tool is part of the EU efforts to share adaptation knowledge for a climate resilient continent, and shows the future impacts that different drivers will have depending on the development of the climate crisis.

It provides maps and table that can be personalized according to different features: these include emissions scenarios (from SSP1 to SSP5), different regions (Northern, Southern, Central-Eastern and Western Europe) and time periods considered (near, medium and long term). The goal is to provide reliable information for different potential climatic futures of the European continent and support adaptation efforts. The drivers considered by the tool are divided between climatic (mean temperature, heatwave days, total precipitation, heavy precipitation, meteorological drought and agricultural drought) and non-climatic (Change in population and GDP per capita per year).

The tool, including all the tables and maps, can be accessed through the link here.

Photo credit: Guillaume Perigois via Unsplash.